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The Problem

Do you know that the cost of fraud is 7.6% of an online retailers revenue. Many scammers use AliExpress to receive goods for free or with discount.

  • Thet buy hacked accounts with high level (see ad)
  • They report that they did not receive the goods.
  • They spoil the goods deliberately.
  • They use Photoshop to simulate defects.
  • They do not pay customs fees and do not pick up the parcel.
  • Other tricks.

Adding this kind of user to the black list you are blocking only his account. Nothing stops him from creating a new account and starting to make orders again.
Even when Aliexpress blocks the user then only his card number is being added to the blacklist. Scammers can circumvent this barrier by using virtual and gift cards.

The Solution

Using our website with our AliSellers Assistant borowser extension you can check any customer. Our extension for the browser will automatically check all your customers by multiple filters: Contact Name, Address, Zip Code, Mobile, Tel etc. The AliSellers Assistant identifies the scammer even if he has changed his account!
If he is in the blacklist you will be notified by the indicator. Going to the website you can find out the reason why this customer was included to the blacklist. You can add the scammer to our database too.

All extensions, software and sign up are FREE for club members. All you need to do is sign up and wait for verification.

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We are a private and trusted community. Once you joined you’ll be greeted by our community manager and our friends. We take time to personally reach out each of our new members because this community has a big value to us.

This is not a forum of lurkers. Every member is expected to make minimum contribution and give as much as he or she receives from the community. Our members will be the first to tell you that this community guarantees to help you to move your business into a better direction.

You will not only find yourself among peers of the industry but also you’ll have the ability to personally connect with the entrepreneurs in your area.

Tools for Work

We always develop useful tools for work. We strive to optimize, automate and improve the trading process. If you have an idea about this, you can share it with us and if the idea meets our support then we will implement it for everyone. All extensions and software are free for club members.

I think that the guys are doing a very useful job for the sellers of Aliexpress. The AliSellers Assistant browser extension is very helpful in the work.

Qiang Feng,
Sports & Entertainment

The forum is at the stage of origin and I hope for its further growth. I am ready to cooperate and always open to new proposals.

Chung Thúy Hồ,

The AliSellers Assistant has proved to be a very useful thing for my business in China, I hope for further cooperation. Thanks a lot!

Cornelius E. Brown,
Home & Furniture

How buyers cheat sellers and Aliexpress administrators

This is an ad on one of the many Russian Aliexpress account stores. They describe the scheme of fraud using stolen accounts of good buyers. Pay attention they sell them for only one dollar! Read the translation under the image.


Why do people buy Aliexpress accounts? It's time to dispel your doubts and explain why every serious liar needs good accounts.

  1. The rating of the buyer plays one of the most important roles in the dispute. Even with the least evidence on the A3-A4 accounts, Aliexpress will stand by your side, because before on the account was purchased goods for 1000+ dollars and lose such a buyer they do not want.
  2. Many people create A0 and return money for one product, but not always successfully, on accounts A2-A4 it is easy to return money to 5 goods in a row and not be afraid that you will be blocked. Checked personally more than once.
  3. Also, many dilute money refunds, purchase of goods, really paying for them. As far as I know the formula is simple: for 1 refund, there are 5-10 goods for 100 rubles. And it's really funny. Our store offers the lowest prices for the price / quality ratio. We guarantee with confidence that the owner will not be able to return the account to himself. And whether to spend 500-1000 rubles just for the sake of one refund (dilution of purchases on the account), if you can buy an account and return money for 5 products?
  4. Many know that sellers of hidden goods have a private black list of buyers and you can not simply send the goods. When you buy a new account so you have a clean account ID, and you are 100% not in the black list of sellers.
  5. A3-A4 accounts have an Aliexpress trust system, that is, you can negotiate with the seller for a return of goods and money, throw the wrong track and you will be refunded.